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Fleet management software: find out what benefits it can bring your business

Fleet management software: benefits it can bring your business

Fleet (vehicle) management covers a broad range of areas and is a catch all term. It is the professional discipline that helps a business to maintain large fleets of vehicles. The benefits of fleet management software to a business are to minimise risk, build efficiencies, raise productivity, reduce administration and ensure legal compliance.  

TRACE is a supplier of fleet management software. We create digital systems that help an operator to manage their fleet more efficiently than they could without a system.

Benefits of a fleet management software solution are:

  • that manual processes are automated
  • different areas of the business are joined up and not so siloed
  • patterns of bad practice or opportunities for continuous improvement can be identified
  • data is at your fingertips
  • reports can be pulled to create audit trails, financial statements or legal compliance activity

Here are just some simple examples of what you can do with fleet management software such as ours:

  • manage your vehicles to ensure each asset in your fleet is fully maximised

  • schedule and record maintenance to ensure each asset is optimally maintained and legally compliant

  • better manage and understand your fuel costs to create financial efficiencies

  • log your individual driver records and their drive time on the road; this helps with people management or identifying who was driving when an accident happened for example

  • automatically order parts and schedule delivery: meaning working time is maximised

  • manage tyres individually, tracking their lifetime potential and use
  • digitise inspections: speeding up working time and reducing paperwork
  • invoice electronically and quickly, speeding up payment schedules

If you’re looking for something specific, go to our full website to take a look and if we don’t have it there for you, get in contact and we’ll be able to help you.

Further information
According to Fleet News:

Key benefits include;

  • Having all the data in one place and making it accessible across departments
  • Data associated with drivers using their own vehicles for business trips can be managed using fleet management software, helping companies to meet their duty-of-care obligations.
  • Alerts can be set up for licence renewals, such as when the photocard licence expires after 10 years
  • Fleet management software can provide a risk management audit trail and accident management data which can be useful in negotiating a reduced insurance premium
  • Management of vehicle specification and order tracking through to disposal
  • Driver credentials can be examined using fleet management software
  • Fleet operators can run a range of reports from straightforward fleet lists to pence per mile analysis
  • Images and documents such as MOT certificates and photographs of accident damage can be stored on fleet management software reducing paperwork and improving organisation.

To find out more, go to our full website to take a look at what we offer. If you can’t find what you need, do get in contact and we’ll be able to help you.