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Fuel costs still fleets’ biggest challenge

Fuel costs still fleets’ biggest challenge, research finds
New research commissioned by Barclaycard has found that reducing fuel mileage costs remains fleet managers main concern.

The research about fuel also found that:

– only one in five used fuel cards
– only 56 per cent said they were able to monitor total costs
– 41 per cent said they captured data on costs in pence per mile
– only one in six could monitor real-life MPGs

The findings come in the wake of suggestions that the chancellor George Osborne may choose to end the government’s duty freeze in April – suggestions resulted because he failed to mention the levy in his recent autumn statement.

– 31 per cent of those questioned cited fraud prevention as a key priority
– 24% identified improving driver behaviour as a major challenge
– 20% said managing driver expenses was their biggest challenge
– 25%  of fleet managers said that adhering to HMRC and other regulatory requirements was one of their biggest concerns.

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(Original article from Transport Operator)

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