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DVSA’s new Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness

Saw this article in Roadway Magazine and thought we’d share it.

Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness

The DVSA (what was VOSA) has just launched its new guide to maintaining roadworthiness. This should be the bible or all transport managers and an excellent starting point, keeping you up-to-date on exactly what the DVSA is looking for when it ‘pops in’ for a fleet check on your license review or after the issuing of a roadside prohibition.

It can be used as a guide through each section of your maintenance system, with sections including forward planning, preventative maintenance inspection regimes, drivers’ defect reporting, brake testing and wheel security. Comparing your current or proposed system with those recommended in the guide will give you a real feel for where the vehicle examiner will be looking when he audits your systems.

As has been recently seen in the DVSA inspection reports, there is a sudden change of emphasis on some form of dynamic brake testing. This is identified in the new guide where it is strongly recommended that a system is in place to dynamically brake test at every preventative maintenance sheet or attach the appropriate print-out. This is quite a change from the historic position where a recommendation or two or four checks a year, including MOT, was the norm arising out of public enquiries. One final point of contention is the issue of nil drivers’ defect reports: should you keep them until the next PMI inspection  or or the 15 months required under your O-License? The DVSA recommends the former in the guide but, as they are part of your maintenance system and a record of the inspection of the vehicle carried out by the driver, best practice would dictate they are retained for the full 15 months.

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