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Tyre Management

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TRACE handles tyre management in a number of ways.

  1. Using the simple VMRS code, we have added new codes for tyres so you can identify their position on a vehicle. For example, 17001 = off side front. All positions of tyres on any axle configuration are covered so any activity on a tyre is recorded – for example, RGV 17001 – Regroove front off-side tyre.
  2. We allow for the recording of tread depth and condition on every tyre.
  3. TRACE records serial numbers and makes. This is most useful to Hire companies who can ensure their tyres are not changed by the hirer to the detriment of the company. Our system identifies if the data is not as it should be, such as being a different brand to that expected.
  4. TRACE can treat each tyre as a sub-asset meaning that each tyre is individually tracked throughout its life regardless of how many vehicles it has been fitted to. If it is removed from a vehicle for regrooving, it is tracked and the tyre can then be fitted to another vehicle. Same with with re-treading.