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Stores – Owned and Imprest Stock

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We offer a full and comprehensive stores system.

  • We start with a part record, using either the supplier part numbers as the prime key or an internal number such as a Bin Number.
  • Parts are issued by simply using bar coding, making the writing down of job numbers obsolete because, by using the bar code, the item is removed from the stock count, a movement history record is created and the part is added directly to the correct part of a job.
  • The system includes recommended reorders for both owned stock parts and imprest parts.
  • Purchase orders use unique order numbers and on one order there can be parts for stock and parts for one or more jobs.
  • Handling the delivery is very simple: call up the order, check it visually to see the correct items have been delivered then save the record – delivery complete.
  • Stock items are added to the item record and, for parts for jobs, they are directly and immediately charged on to the job with the appropriate markups applied. The parts movement history is updated to show the delivery.
  • TRACE handles short deliveries and price variances in a smart and easy to understand manner.
  • Quick invoicing makes the clearance of valid invoices a simple matter. It removes the need for Purchase Orders and delivery notes to be matched up with invoices. Incoming invoices can go straight to your accounts department who can then check the invoice against delivered items. Only items received and not yet invoiced can be cleared. TRACE shows each line item in Green if a full delivery has been made and in Red if it was a part delivery. TRACE rejects any invoices that do not match the expectations and has over-ride facilities to allow for understandable and acceptable price changes.
  • We can arrange a link from your Stores system to your Accounting system (subject to there being an import routine).
  • A full and comprehensive stock check routine is a standard facility. This allows for partial and complete stock checks. Our portable stores reader can be used for this, reading the shelf/bin bar code label and entering the quantity.
  • TRACE also has a counter sales module that allows parts to be sold over the counter without having to raise a job card.