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Maintaining a Detailed History of All Repairs

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If you’re installing the standard version of TRACE, we’d recommend the VMRS (Vehicle Maintenance Reporting System) coding system introduced by the IRTE (Institute of Road Transport Engineers).

This assists in two main ways:

  1. Simplifies the description of work to be done and carried out by codifying just about every element on a vehicle.
    • Whilst a two digit code cab be used e.g. 34 = Lighting system, the five digit code gives much better information – 34001 Headlights. In TRACE, RPL 34001 is translated to ‘Replace Headlight].
    • To make it really simple for you, the English version, not code, appears on screen, on job cards and on invoices. This coding system ensures that the mechanics all described work done in exactly the same way and nomenclature.
  2. An excellent stored vehicle maintenance history. By using this coding system, TRACE can quickly give you any and all previous work done on any element of a vehicle such as:
    • When was the last time the alternator was replaced?
    • How many times have the brakes been replaced and at what frequency?

    This search can be extended across vehicles to see if similar faults continue to occur on different vehicles which leads to greater up time on vehicles and increased warranty claims.

If your vehicles are maintained by third parties, either solely or as well as the in-house garage, then we’ll store the data on a chronological basis, together with all relevant information such as the garage, date, cost and mileage.