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Fitter Management

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We have a straight-forward time recording solution that allows your fitters to sign on to activities and we have proof that it will increase productivity. These activities can be defined by you – vehicle related or anything else you decide. One example might be:

  • Fitter arrives for work and logs status as ‘Arrived/Getting ready for work’
  • Signs on to a job card (all our job cards are bar coded) – this will log him on to a job automatically and will close and time the previous activity
  • During his break, he logs his status as ‘Break’ which will stop him time on the job
  • When break is over, he logs back onto the job and the system closes his break
  • All the time the Fitter is only logging on –the system logs him automatically off his previous task
  • This method avoids there being any non-recorded time

All fitter names are on a bar code sheet, as is the ‘start-activity’ bar code. This provides you with detailed analysis of all time during the day, week and month.

A touch screen version is also available and you can also use Android devices so your mechanics can have their own time recording stations.