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Electronic Inspections

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We offer two ways you can do electronic inspections in TRACE:

  1. Your mechanic can enter inspection data directly onto the screen of a PC or WIFI connected laptop. The system will default all the pass lines allowing the mechanic first to set the Fail and Advise lines, then default the rest to make data entry easy.
  2. Portable devices can be used on the go. Your mechanic taps the Pass, Fail or Advise buttons, enters the tyre data and you’ve completed all aspects an inspection as you would have done on paper – only faster. TRACE formulates the entries and produces a clean and clear proper inspection sheet within the system. It stores this with the job and can be emailed or printed as required.

Other features

  • We’ll fit inspection sheets to your requirements
  • TRACE can hold many different inspection sheets and our TRACE Vehicle Record module will automatically confirm which inspection sheet applies to which job
  • Inspection sheets do not need to be general where N/A applies to some or many items as the inspection sheets are set to a specific vehicle type
  • When a job card is called up for a vehicle, TRACE asks if an inspection sheet is required to be printed. This can be an actual print out of the job and the inspection sheet can be sent to a mobile device.
  • TRACE has an electronic inspections facility so that all inspections can be completed paperless. The completed sheet is held in TRACE as a proper inspection sheet with ticks and crosses as appropriate and signatures. These completed inspection sheets can be printed or emailed as appropriate, again complying with DVSA requirements. See electronic inspections