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Preventative maintenance scheduling and recording to DVSA standards

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  • TRACE allows for time and/or mileage intervals and operates on fixed or variable schedules. ‘Fixed schedules’ use the date the inspection/service should have been carried out, not the actual date it was done – it’s like this so that the schedule always remains where it should be. Apart from complying with DVSA guidelines, this method also means that once the workload has been sensibly spread, it will remain that way.
  • All jobs are stored in TRACE for as long as you want
  • TRACE is light on disc usage so you can retain your historical records for a very long time, enabling you to comply with DVSA guidelines for record keeping.
  • DVSA guidelines also state that, once a job is complete, the records cannot be tampered with and can be printed on demand – TRACE does all of this