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Parts and Counter Sales

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TRACE offers you a full and complete stores system starting with a part record, using either the supplier-part numbers as the prime key or using an internal number such as a Bin Number.
Our system:

  • Issues parts by using bar-coding, reducing your need to write down job numbers. Practically, this means that automatically:
    • the item is removed from the stock count
    • a movement history record is created
    • the part is added directly to the correct part of a job
  • Includes recommended reorders for both owned stock parts and imprest parts
  • Supplies unique order numbers for purchase orders, meaning on one order, you can include parts for stock and parts for one or more jobs.
  • Makes handling the delivery very simple
    • call up the order
    • check it visually to see the correct items have been delivered
    • save the record
    • delivery complete.
  • Adds stock items to the item record
  • Directly and immediately charges parts for jobs to the job, applying the appropriate mark-ups
  • Updates parts movement history to show delivery
  • Handles short deliveries and price variances in a way that’s easy to understand

Our system offers a quick invoicing routine making the clearance of valid invoices really simple which:

  • Removes the need for purchase orders and delivery notes to be matched up with invoices
  • Means that incoming invoices can go straight to accounts who then check the invoice against delivered items
  • Means that only items received and not yet invoiced can be cleared.

Other features relating to invoicing are:

  • Showing each line item in green – if a full delivery has been made – and in red – if it was a part delivery
  • Rejecting any invoices that do not match expectations
  • Over-ride facilities to allow for understandable and acceptable price changes
  • A link from the Stores system to the Accounting system (subject to that system having an import routine)
  • A full and comprehensive stock check routine as standard, allowing for partial and complete stock checks. You can use the portable stores reader for this, reading the shelf/bin bar code label and entering the quantity
  • A counter sales module, allowing you to sell parts over the counter without having to raise a job card