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Invoice Production

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TRACE automatically produces a job invoice whilst the job is in progress.

  • The agreed labour rate for each customer will be held on each customer’s record along with the agreed parts mark-up algorithm, i.e. Cost Plus, Retail Price or Retail Minus. TRACE also allows for Parts/price matrix and this can be set by Customer
  • As soon as the job is complete, the invoice is ready to go in real-time
  • Job profit is shown, broken down by your chosen categories (e.g. parts, labour, fixed cost items)
  • You can change charges line-by-line. For example a line may be charged at:
    • actual prices and hours used
    • standard times where the user enters own figures
    • fixed costs including parts and labour
    • fixed costs for labour plus parts
  • Your job will be coded, ready for your accounting system, whilst the job is in progress. This includes parts and labour sales, MOT’s and more – depending on your needs
  • You can email the pre-invoice and the final invoice directly to the user.
    TRACE holds a pdf of the appropriate stationary and the customer record holds the email address. TRACE will prepare the invoice PDF, retrieve the email address and send out the email with appropriate header information