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Fitter and Time Management

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Our time recording and extensive stores control modules, using optional bar coding, will enable you to manage your resources to the highest level. This means you can keep costs low, maximise income and improve cash flow.

  • All Fitter ID’s are bar-coded
  • The fitter scans onto a job (the job number is bar-coded on the job card)
  • All non-vehicle time is also recorded using a workshop job card. This will have “job” lines for ‘getting ready for work’, ‘tea’ and ‘lunch breaks’ and all other activities that are not vehicle related and charged to vehicles.

To make it easy for the fitters, there is no need for them to sign out of any jobs as TRACE automatically signs them out when they sign in to a new activity. This way, you can have a complete record of all time spent by your mechanics on all activities and their lives are made easier.
This approach helps you to understand how your team’s time is being spent and what activities are non-chargeable. This information can help you to reduce non-vehicle time, increasing productivity and profitability. Our system also gives you a full profitability/productivity analysis.

We recommend real-time data entry, although we allow for three different types of time input, including hand-written elapsed job time and time sheets. Our recommendation is to ensure you capture non-vehicle time to help your productivity reporting and speed up invoice production.