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Electronic Inspection Records

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We offer two main methods for electronic inspections – it’s your call

  1. Your mechanics can enter data directly onto the screen of a PC or connected (WIFI) laptop. TRACE will default all the pass lines allowing the mechanic first to set the ‘fail’ and ‘advise’ lines, then default the rest to make data entry easy.
  2. Your mechanics can use portable devices, including tablet, at base or elsewhere. Your mechanic taps the ‘pass’, ‘fail’ or ‘advise’ button, they enter tyre data and then all aspects of completing an inspection are as they would be on paper. Our system then formulates the entries and produces a clean and clear proper inspection sheet, which is stored with the job and can be emailed or printed.

You have flexibility to set your inspection sheets to your own requirements and to specific vehicle types. We can store a large range of different type of tailored sheet meaning you don’t hold generic sheets with N/A sections and we can use your own standard branded customer sheets as the template.

Automatically, TRACE will tell the vehicle record which inspection sheet applies to it and ask you whether you want to print the sheet when the job card is called up for a vehicle: you can choose an actual print out or alternatively send the job card and inspection sheet to a mobile device or even email with an invoice if relevant. TRACE can also store signatures electronically.