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Defect Reporting

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Our defect reporting system makes the reporting of defects or zero-defects really simple and effective.

  • You can give your customers access to the defect system, in which case we’ll log defects with a status code and unique reference number. In practice, this means:
    • that when you raise a job card, outstanding defects can be viewed and called onto the job card
    • status is updated to ‘work in progress’
    • when the job containing the defect is complete, TRACE updates the status. This means your end user can track their defects and outstanding actions.
  • A defect reporting entry screen can be located anywhere, by anyone authorised to access it – a driver or an operations manager for example.
    • If they enter a defect, it is given a sequential defect number and is directed to whomever the system has been directed, usually by email
    • The defect can be sent to the Fleet Manager/Owner and also to the Workshop.
    • Status codes on the defect mean that the user can see what is happening to his reported defect.