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Our Customers

Lee Henrys, Service Manager, Bibby Commercials
“TRACE gives us all the information we need at our fingertips. Their support and training are second to none helping us to achieve an efficient operation with great customer satisfaction. After years of struggling with other maintenance control systems we chose TRACE for the ease of use and support. They have been an integral part of our success for the last ten years. In my opinion there is no better maintenance system than TRACE. Simple to use, comprehensive reports straight to Excel spread sheets, multi-user…everything we need.”

Dave Parkes, Fleet Engineer, Pepsico UK and Ireland
“TRACE has enabled me to control with confidence all the fleet legal obligations around inspections, MOTs, tachographs and the taxing of vehicles. It gives me stock level parts cost control with flexible warranty periods. It also gives transparency of the in-house mechanics’ hours and the type of work they carry out. We feed in all the contractor costs from all around the UK and split out accident work. My team can build and run reports on anything using the various data on the systems. This enables Pepsico to make informed decisions on vehicle types, contactors and the parts suppliers we use.”

Grant Gorvett, RunTech
“We specialise in vehicle, plant and transport solutions across the U.K which includes a comprehensive range of services. Daily rental, contract hire, new and used vehicle sales and on site servicing for vehicles and plant. We rent out and manage over 1,500 vehicles and use TRACE to support all of the management and administration of our business for us – vehicle scheduling, maintenance, inspections – you name it. We particularly rely on the rental module to help us manage our vehicle hires which is so key for our business. We’ve got five systems with TRACE to cover all of our different subsidiaries which shows how much we rely on it.”

David Cox, Cambridgeshire County Council
“We have been a TRACE client for three years now. The system is really easy to use which means all the staff can and do use it without too much hassle. Even when we moved offices, we were able to set everything up ourselves again. Our MOT area has two bays and we do all of our booking through TRACE and we have a digital projection on the wall in the workshop so that everyone can see the status of all our jobs at all times.”

Jeff Shaw, Transport Manager, Ards and North Down Borough Council
“We purchased TRACE and found the system really easy to get on with which is great because often these things are so complex that they sit on a shelf gathering dust. From purchase to implementation was no time at all. TRACE Assist included face to face personal training for our teams and we literally did our training and started using the system the next day. When we merged with North Down vehicles, they just picked up using the system too.”