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Our story – how TRACE came to be

Our story begins in the 80’s when the ‘computers for everyone’ age really began. For many of us working within the transport industry, there was finally a solution to the wasted time and money spent on manual processing and multiple handling of the same information.

Until then, the computer systems available were expensive mainframe systems and few could afford them. After lengthy market research, our team came together to create a solution that would bring those mainframe facilities down to the end-user level; in 1988 TRACE was born.

Over the years, TRACE has been upgraded and improved to meet industry and customer demands but we still work to the same philosophy: providing a complete fleet and garage management software solution designed to save you time and money all within a fixed-price framework.

We developed TRACE by listening to the needs of the transport industry and we still do.

Our system and our services have always been front-end driven because you know what you need and we want to give it to you.
Our business approach has meant that we’ve retained many customers who have been with us from the beginning – that’s something we’re very proud of.