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Our experienced team

Our experienced TRACE team have all worked directly in the transport industry. You won’t be dealing with techies who haven’t a clue about your operational needs.

Bill Davies

Bill established TRACE in 1988 and has been responsible for sales ever since.

Dave Shaw

Dave has been with TRACE since it was established in 1988. He is responsible for:
- New customer Installation
- Account Management
- Customer Support
- Telephone Support
Dave lives in the Midlands and looks after the Southern half of the country, along with a number of customers in Scotland and Ireland.

Steve Hale

Steve has been with TRACE a number of years and is the Product Development Manager. He is in charge of the Development Team and is also one of the main points of office-based contact for our customers.

Steve is responsible for linking TRACE to third party packages – mainly accounts systems.

Dave Nolan

Originally, Dave worked for a TRACE customer in Ireland before moving back to the UK and joining TRACE. He is based in Crewe and looks after the majority of TRACE customers in the North of the UK.

Richard Ganderton Smith

Richard has been with TRACE for 10 years and is currently developing the Web version of TRACE.

Alan Butters

Alan has been with TRACE for a number of years and is responsible for the programming work on the main TRACE product.

Andrew Crofts

Andrew has been with TRACE for 10 years. Andrew works mainly with the portable devices (handheld inspection sheets, barcode readers for stocktaking, walkround inspection sheets).

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